Sunday Club

Some churches meet in big buildings with towers or spires. Our church meets in the Community Centre. When we are here we like to treat it as God’s house because this is the place where we meet to worship Him.

Why do we come to church?
We come to church to say thank you to God for all the good things that we have.Childrens worship

Meeting with other Christians helps us to remember that we must all take care of each other.

When we come to church we read the Bible and hear a lot more about God and His son Jesus. We learn too about the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit helps us to love Jesus and understand what we hear in church.

We're not doing Sunday Club at the moment because our current children and their parents prefer to worship as a whole family.  Our services usually start with a few words of welcome and then we sing.  Our singing is our way of thanking God and praising Him for being our Heavenly Father and for caring for us so much.  We’d love you to join in if you can and we’re happy for you to clap your hands, or use one of our musical instruments or even dance if you want to!  Our services also have a time of prayer and a time of teaching.

We try to keep our teaching simple enough for most children to follow and, if appropriate, use multi-media to enhance this.  This can mean having to sit still for quite a long time and we're happy for you to bring a book or quiet activity to do if you find it difficult to listen.  For younger children, we have "Sunday Gold" bags with a few quiet things to do.  These include activity sheets relavent to our teaching.  You can keep the activity sheets but please hand the bag in when it’s time to go.

A note to parents: 

It is our policy that children remain the responsibility of  parents when they are in church and we ask that you will keep an eye on them and watch out for them if they need to use the toilet facilities. 

There are a few books and other toys in the room behind the band and access is via the double doors you came in by (and turn right).  Please use this room if you feel the need to take your child out of the service.  Please ask one of us if you need directions. 

Please stay for a drink and biscuit after our service