The Bunkeroo Dance and Drama Company is part of TGB Gatehouse and opened the doors for the first time to an amazing 40 children in October 2007 and continue to go from strength to strength and are often invited to perform at local events including Gala Week. Over the years they've been going we have seen so many young people grow in confidence and skill.

Bunkeroo Junior meet at 1  High Street every Tuesday evening from 6 - 7:00 and is followed by Bunkeroo Senior from 7:00 - 8:00.

Bunkeroo was formed by Sara-Leigh Cain who is now the Project Coordinator for TGB Gatehouse and is run by a group of volunteers and "young leaders". Between them they have a great mixture of talent and an infectious enthusiasm and are keen to give every child the opportunity to express themselves through the performing arts of song, dance and drama.

The group has been blessed with funding from a variety of sources including The Holywood Trust and the National Lottery's Young Start Programme..

Sara-Leigh studied dance and drama at a college for the performing arts and has herself years of personal experience in six styles of dance.

Bunkeroos do a mixture of dance styles including Street Dance and Tap Dance and through both dance and drama encourage children to enhance their skills in choreography, mime, improvisation and singing.  We feel it is of vital importance that all children are able to access a time to be creative, be inspired and inspire, have fun, enjoy time with friends and be given opportunities that otherwise may not have been available to them.  All our ativities are therefore free of charge although we do have a box for donations to help cover our costs.

The last few Decembers, Bunkeroo have been invited to perform at the Gatehouse Christmas Market and Lights switch-on, our Community Christmas Service and, then on Christmas Eve, for guests at the Cally Hotel!

Bunkeroo Junior and Senior recently joined for an amazing performance of Annie Junior and it was good to see some of our adult volunteers demosntrate their performing ability as well as seeing emerging new talent.  Not only that, some of the youngsters have now become accomplished solo performers and it has been inspiring to see their growing confidence! The Bunkeroos are supported by an amazing team who produce the scenery and costumes etc.

We look forward to welcoming any new children who would like to join us in the coming year. 

TGB GATEHOUSE or The Gatehouse Bunker to give it its full name, is constituted as a separate registered charity from the church in order to provide activities for people in our local area.  All money raised through Bunker and Bunkeroo fundraising events is solely towards the costs of TGB Gatehouse including their own activities.